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average cost of a data breach for small businesses in the marketing and advertising industry
$ 0 M
of small and mid-sized marketing firms have no full-time IT staff
0 %
of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error
0 %
increase in reported cybercrimes, including attacks on marketing and advertising firms in 2020
0 %
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As a business leader in the fast-paced and constantly evolving field of marketing and advertising, you understand the critical role that technology and cybersecurity play in the success and longevity of your business. At WOM Technology Management Group (WOM), we specialize in providing comprehensive and scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of companies like yours. Our exclusive offering, Confidence as a Service™, is designed to provide the highest level of cybersecurity and IT management for businesses of all sizes. As pioneers in the small business cyber risk field, we bring enterprise-level solutions to companies with as few as one employee. Our co-managed solutions integrate seamlessly with existing IT support providers to provide an additional layer of cybersecurity and compliance oversight. Let WOM Technology Management Group help you navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and IT management, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Clients of WOM Technology Management Group have all of the advantages of 24-hour, 7 day a week, 366 days a leap year support anywhere in the world. From our headquarters in Hobe Sound, Florida, we can put boots on the ground ANYWHERE in the United States and provide industry-specialized help desk support for all small business applications and solutions ANYWHERE on the globe.   

of businesses are closed 6 mos. after a data breach
0 %
of attacks are delivered through email
0 %
of people will click on a malicious email link
0 %
of cyber attacks target SMALL BUSINESS
0 %

Our Unique Offerings + Your Unique Needs = Confidence

Marketing and advertising companies operate in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where technology and data are essential components for success. In such an environment, data security, protection, and management are critical, as the stakes are high in terms of reputation, business continuity, and revenue. Cybersecurity breaches and IT disruptions can result in lost data, lost revenue, and lost clients.

Our company, WOM Technology Management Group, provides marketing and advertising companies with a comprehensive cybersecurity and IT management program that includes our exclusive offering, Confidence as a Service™. Our team has extensive experience in the marketing and advertising industry, and we understand the specific technology and compliance needs of this sector.

Confidence as a Service™ provides a scalable and comprehensive solution that integrates with existing IT management providers to provide an additional layer of cybersecurity and compliance oversight. Our co-managed solutions are designed to help marketing and advertising companies identify gaps in their IT management systems and fill those gaps with our expert support and guidance.

Additionally, our team provides regulatory compliance assessments and managed IT services to ensure that your business remains compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations. With our focus on security awareness training and workflow optimization, we ensure that your team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage your technology and data.

In today’s digital age, data security and IT management are critical components of any successful marketing and advertising business. By partnering with WOM Technology Management Group, marketing and advertising companies can rest assured that their cybersecurity and IT management needs are being met with a comprehensive and scalable solution.

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Cybersecurity, Compliance & IT Services

What does your business need?

Help Desk Support

Remote Assistance, Onsite Services As Needed, Replacement Parts, 24/7/366 Help Desk

Dedicated C-Level

Technology Consulting, Security Consulting, Planning, Management and Forecasting, Dedicated CIO, CTO and CISO Services

Compliance Management

Stay ahead of changing regulations and protect your business with comprehensive compliance management services.

Business Reviews

Semi-Annual Cybersecurity Risk Reviews, Monthly Reporting, Strategy Discussions

Vendor Management

Single Point-Of-Contact for Vendor Issues: Internet Service Providers, Copier Providers, Web Service Providers, SaaS Managment

The perfect partner for your existing IT support:

Confidence as a Service™ is a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and compliance that can be integrated with any IT managed services provider or internal help desk as a co-managed solution. This approach is designed to provide redundancy and fill in the gaps to strengthen or fix existing solution models, helping to improve overall cybersecurity and compliance for businesses of all sizes.

By working in tandem with existing IT support providers, internal help desks, and other solution providers, Confidence as a Service™ can provide a comprehensive solution that takes into account all aspects of cybersecurity and compliance. This co-managed solution helps to ensure that all cybersecurity and compliance needs are met and that there are no gaps or vulnerabilities in the system.

Furthermore, this approach provides an additional layer of security and compliance oversight, helping to improve overall risk management and reduce the risk of cyber threats and data breaches. With Confidence as a Service™, businesses can feel confident that their cybersecurity and compliance needs are being met, without the need for extensive in-house expertise or resources.

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